A VVS Diamond May Be Right for You

VVS is the best clarity after ‘internally flawless’. VVS stands for ‘very very slightly included.’ These types of diamonds are essentially perfect, even trained gemologists have trouble detecting flaws even under magnification, therefore, no one will ever notice. VVS diamonds are always clean to the naked eye. Truly flawless diamonds are often rare, so rare in fact most jewelers don’t carry them. VVS is usually the best quality diamond that is easily available. Some people like knowing that their stone is almost flawless.

There are some things to consider when buying a VVS diamond or a diamond in general. You should make sure that your diamond is certified by GIA or AGS, these labs are the most reputable with the highest grading standards. You should ask to see this before buying; some diamonds graded by lesser labs may have been graded higher than it ought to have been due to differences in standards. Clarity is all well and good, but if the cut isn’t great then even a flawless diamond can look dull. A little extra money on the cut of the diamond can have a huge impact on the beauty of it. Color also has some standing in the impact of the diamond visually; a high clarity diamond can still be low in color and therefore appear less beautiful.

If you can’t afford a flawless diamond, VVS is a more than adequate replacement; they look the same in plain sight anyway. If you’re only after a round white diamond, there’s no real reason you should pay extra for a VVS diamond, however, if you’re looking for a larger diamond for a unique shape or color you will have more options. The clarity of a diamond affects different key qualities of a diamond. The VVS diamond is considered the most flawless in the world right now because the Flawless and Internally Flawless are so rare. People tend to compare the color and the clarity when trying to decide which they care about more in terms of physical appearance. The color is important, but the clarity affects how sparkly the diamond will be.

A VVS diamond tends to be smooth and sparkly and they tend to look classier and more expensive. The brilliance of a diamond should be a major factor in purchasing this piece of jewelry. The clarity adds to the brilliance of the stone. Diamonds with inclusions or dark diamonds usually aren’t as physically appealing, unless that’s what you like. When a diamond is smooth and a whiter shade it has a larger impact. As VVS diamonds have minimal inclusions they are therefore more brilliant. Yellowish diamonds show flaws more, which is important to consider when buying a colored diamond because the brilliance will be affected.

Although it is important to remember that it is the thought that counts!