Accessorizing for men

For most guys their wardrobe is made of a few pairs of good jeans, some t-shirts, a few work shorts sports gear and underwear. If there’s a smart jacket hanging in the cupboard then you are probably one of the few people amongst your friends who have such a thing. The truth is, for the most part, men tend not to be snappy dressers and they get by with the minimum amount of fuss. But there are some simple accessories that can spruce up even the most average wardrobe, that can help you stand out from the crowd, and they are accessories that don’t even cost the world. Here’s our list of essentials to help you differentiate yourself from the crowd.


So many people think of ties, or even bow ties, as old-fashioned relics from the past. But they are not. And they don’t mean that you have to be in an overly formal situation to wear them. A properly chosen item of neckwear adds colour to your appearance, it creates a talking point and it can help turn a very casual look into something a little smarter. The tie doesn’t need to be fastened in a perfect Windsor knot, it can be worm loosely around the neck or loose to create the impression that you have been out working hard. Try it.

Time Pieces

A good watch won’t just tell you the time, it will tell the people around you a bit about who you are. The tendency is to go fancy and expensive but this really doesn’t have to be the case. Old-school is cool and old-school can also be cheap. Instead of shopping at Duty Free or at big name brand stores, look for a watch at a pawn shop or a second hand place. What you find there will have character and charm and it will be a story to which you can add – or it can add to your story.


Probably the most under-rated item of clothing is the sock. Black or grey, smelly and tucked away in a shoe for most of its day, who really cares about their socks? Right? Wrong! Socks are seen and they say a lot about you. Rather spend a little bit of extra cash buying something cool and stylish that says a bit about you. When you sit down and that space between trouser leg and shoe is suddenly visible for all to see, make sure that what is seen makes an impression. Your jeans might have seen better days, but if your socks catch the eye, all else will be forgotten.


Never be afraid to wear a hat. Be it a cap, a beret or a fedora, or anything else in between, a hat makes a statement. A hat says that you are confident and that you have personality. It also helps keep the sun off your face and head, which lets face is a very nice benefit as well. There is a hat to go with almost any outfit and for almost any head. Shop around, take some advice and find a hat or two with which to grace your head. You won’t regret it.