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Buying Gifts For Your Teenage Children

When your kids were little, buying them presents was the easiest thing in the world. Whatever toy or gadget was popular with the underage masses was most likely what your little one wanted too. You could head to any toy or big box store, walk down an aisle, and find dozens of colorful, fun, and affordable options for children of any gender and age. But now that your little babies have grown up to be teenagers, the task of finding them presents that are affordable and actually interesting to them can be incredibly difficult. Teens these days have such a wide and varying slew of interests, and sometimes parents are left out of the loop as to what teens want for gifts. We’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you find the perfect gift for your adolescent offspring, so take notes and get your wallet ready for some shopping, mom and dad!

As you may have expected, gadgets and tech products are what most teens want these days. While they are often expensive, the right gadget may be a good investment for your young adult (think laptop–they can be used for fun, creativity, and maybe college one day, if they’re taken care of properly.) Some of the most popular tech gadgets that teens are drooling over these days include tablets, smart phones, drones, cameras, specially designed headphones, gaming consoles, and bluetooth speakers. Many young people want ways to document their life’s adventures, so a Polaroid Instant camera and film could make an amazing gift that they can use for years to come. If you have a music lover on your hands, a pair of headphones or a iPod could be just the thing they’ve been wishing for. There are thousands of teens who live, eat, and breathe video games. If this is the case with your youngin’, a subscription to a gaming/game streaming service could be perfect! Check out sites like Gamefly and Origin for such services.

For the more expressive and artistic teen, perhaps art supplies, collage photo frames, vintage film cameras, or scrapbooks would make the right gift. One of my favorite gifts when I was a teenager was a special scrap book and photo album combo that my grandmother got me. It had special sleeves for photos, but also for ticket stubs, show posters, wristbands, and other concert memorabilia. This gift is something I used a lot as a young person, but have also continued to use as an adult. Memories and ways to keep them always make great, meaningful gifts for young people.

So don’t fret over what type of gift to buy for your young adult child–just read these simple ideas, take into consideration what type of person your kid is and what interests them–and go from there. Your teenagers will thank you!