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If it suits you…

Why wear a dress when you can rock a suit? Presenting the latest suit styles from the runways of the world.

When it comes to looking feminine, your first choice is a really stunning dress. But there are days when you don’t really want to wear a dress – on those days, you can wear a suit. Suits are on point on the fashion runways around the world. Both Indian and global celebrities have been rocking suits for a few months now, and it’s a high point in women’s clothes at the moment.

So why aren’t you adopting this excellent trend for yourself? Here’s some help to get you shopping for suits on your favourite shopping app:

* A suit without a shirt. The best thing about women’s clothes is that they can be mixed and matched to create an infinite number of styles. The same goes with suits for women. Who says you need to wear a starched shirt or fitted top inside your blazer? A white tank top is a sexy addition to your look for office wear, while you can go with a strappy top or a bralette for a glamorous night out.

* Patterned jackets and glossy pants. A fun twist to the staid and boring suit style, is the patterned jacket. This is a jacket that has light designs on it, or a bold motif on the back. It is meant to grab the attention and keep it there, and is more suited to fun social events rather than the office. Go full tilt with this style and take it a step further with glossy pants that catch the light with every step you take. Finish with flirty stilettos and a sporty perfume.

* Power dressing for the office goer. If it’s a pant suit for the office, then there are umpteen choices in women’s clothes. You can go the conventional way and buy a suit with matching hues for the jacket and pants. Or you can go the power dressing way and opt for a suit in a bold colour like red or maroon, a la PreityZinta or Anushka Sharma in their recent outings. You can even wear a shirt matching the colour of the suit, while taking care to wear shoes and bag of a contrasting hue. Finish the look with slicked back hair and oxblood lipstick.

* Skinny pants with a stern jacket. A fun way to rock a boring, boxy jacket and still max the suit trend, is to pair your jacket with a pair of skinny pants that stop just above the ankles. This is a great way to add zing to a suit, and you have the liberty to make it as fun or high street as you want. For a night out with friends, pair this jacket and skinny pants ensemble with sneakers and a messenger bag. Ditch the sneakers for a classic pair of strappy heels for office, and wear your hair loose over your shoulders.