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Top Essential Baby Stroller Accessories

Once you have chosen your stroller, choose at the same time (to save more trips to physical stores or our list of expensive strollers in the market in theonline store, and make sure they are perfectly compatible) all the accessories you may need.

Essential Accessories

Mosquito net:  From experience, I tell you that babies do not usually like to be wrapped up in a mosquito net and I advise you to purchase instead a portable device that works by ultrasound. But the mosquito net is essential for summer in very hot and/or humid climates or if you plan to go on vacation to the beach or the countryside. If you buy a universal type, it can be valid for all the components (between 9 and 12 €).

Winter Jacket With Quilted Interior, Sheepskin Or fleece: There are for pushchair.  They are great for the child to be well protected from the cold (between € 25 and € 100, depending on the materials, brand, design, etc.), but make sure that the fabric is not too heavy so that the baby can move freely within the stroller.

Summer Mat: Only if you opt for a hammock or stroller, you must also acquire a special breathable fabric mattress for warm months (the fabrics of these chairs make the kids sweat a lot). There are reversible models with 2 faces, summer, and winter, which will make the child have comfort whatever the season.

Useful Accessories

Hooks For The Handlebars: They are cheap (about € 5), come in packs of 2 and are very useful to carry, for example, a shopping bag in the stroller. They will also serve you later for the lightweight stroller.

Neoprene Sleeve For The Handlebar: You will protect it from chafing, nails and rings and will prevent it from slipping out of your hands when you walk when it is hot or on slopes (there are many models to adapt to each type of handlebar and cost around € 10 or € 12).


Even if you decide to buy your stroller and its accessories online, go first to a physical store to try it. In Prenatal they have a great hall simulating stone floors, sand, tile, gravel, etc. where you can try the wheels of the strollers in all types of terrain. Comparing different models you will realize if it is easy or difficult to fold them, if the wheels go like silk or get stuck, if the weight is adequate, if the handlebars are comfortable, etc.