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Understanding the Language of Vaping

The world of vaping has a language all its own. Much of the lingo, such as “mod”, “e-juice”, and “wicking”, can be confusing for newbies. Don’t let the strange terms prevent you from enjoying a healthier smoking experience. Here is everything you need to know to help you get started.

Basic Vaping Devices

Mods, boxes, and e-cigs are terms for different styles of vaping devices. Basically, they all work the same way. Each device has a battery, heating element, wick, and tank. The coil is wrapped with wicking material, such as cotton, and when activated, vapour is created.

Vaping devices vary in size, style, and strength. Most devices are customisable and are known as mods. E-cigs in Australia come in many styles and sizes, depending on the experience a smoker enjoys most. Some smokers want a strong hit of nicotine while others prefer large clouds of vapour.

Choosing a Device for You

Whether you start with a box, kit, or e-cig depends on what type of vaping experience you prefer. You have four basic styles to choose from: disposable unit, pen mods, box mods, and mechanical mods. Disposable units are ready to use but for serious smokers, they don’t always deliver the punch they want.

Mods are customised to your preferences but all start with a tank, battery, and an atomizer. As you gain more experience with vaping, you can add more accessories to your unit that enhance the vaping experience. When buying your vaping device, make sure to grab some extra batteries and coils as these need to be replaced often.

What to Look for in Your E-Juice

Choosing which flavour to try first will be the hardest decision you have to make when vaping. The important thing to look for when choosing your juice is the ingredients. A good-quality liquid needs only four ingredients. These ingredients are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine, and food-grade flavouring.

The levels of VG versus PG in a liquid determines how thick it is and what heating requirements it needs. Higher VG levels deliver a smoother hit with bigger vapour clouds while higher PG levels allow more of the flavour of the juice to come through. One more consideration is the amount of nicotine that you want in your e-juice.

Before You Take That First Pull

A common mistake most beginners make is not priming the coil. When filling the tank with your e-juice, add a few drops to the exposed wick. After the tank is full, wait at least five minutes so the wick can absorb the liquid before vaping. If the coil is not primed, the wick can burn and leave you with a harsh taste in your mouth.